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  1. What is a planning scheme and why is it prepared?
  2. To ensure a planned and orderly development in a district, each Local Authority (LA) must prepare at least one land use planning scheme in their respective districts. This provision is set out in Section 6, Town and Country Planning Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 141). In this regard, the land use masterplan prepared by LA is known as the planning scheme. To understand more about planning schemes, you may visit this page for a more detailed information on the preparation and importance of planning schemes.

  3. Do I really need to be present at the public inspection venue?
  4. If you are residing in an area that is involved with the preparation of this planning scheme, you are encouraged to see the draft planning scheme on display at the designated venue (or simply click the links in the table above). It is important to note that any planning and development of land in the future will certainly have an impact on you, as well as any residents living in the affected areas. As such, this public inspection is really aimed at informing you about the future land use planning and development in your district.

  5. I have inspected the draft planning scheme on display. However, I have a view/opinion/objection on the proposal in the draft planning scheme. How can I send my feedback to LA?
  6. Local Authority provides a form (i.e. the objection form) so you can provide an official feedback on matters relating to the draft planning scheme. A copy of the form can be obtained at the respective Local Authority or it can be downloaded in this portal. Please ensure that the completed form is submitted to the respective LA before the public inspection period ends. In the event of any formal public objection, the LA shall hold a special session to hear such objection and subsequently amend the draft planning scheme if deemed reasonable before proceeding to the next step. Keep in mind that any views/opinions/objections are only accepted through the objection form submission during the public inspection period.