The planning system in Sabah is guided by Town & Country Planning Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 141). The Ordinance was drafted in 1950. During that period, the administration of Sabah (or North Borneo as it was formally known) was recently transferred to the British Government following World War II. The war resulted in destruction to Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) and Sandakan. As rebuilding efforts began to gather pace, it was imperative that the newly reconstructed towns be more systematically plan. Hence, the Ordinance was drafted to fulfill the physical development needs of Sabah from then on and continue so until today. The Town & Regional Planning Department is tasked to ensure the physical development in the Sabah is planned and balanced.


In general, Town & Country Planning Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 141) is divided into eight (8) major parts which are further subdivided into 35 sections. Please refer to the copy of the Ordinance below for further information:

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