State Planning Council (SPC) Secretariat is an important section within the Town & Regional Planning Department of Sabah. Acting as the secretary to the SPC, the Director of TRPD advises on policy and technical matters to the Chairperson and Members of the SPC as acknowledged in Town & Country Planning Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 141). The secretariat's main objective is to ensure that town and country planning policies that have been decided in the Council is circulated to and executed by all the local authorities in Sabah. SPC also responsible in ensuring any execution of policies are in accordance with Sabah Cap. 141. The secretariat's main functions are as follow:



  1. Organise, review and prepare meeting notes for all matters that are to be considered in the SPC meetings.
  2. Convey SPC decisions to the Local Authorities and other government agencies on matters that has been brought up by the latter two parties for the Council's consideration.
  3. Record keeping of all SPCs meetings and/or proceedings for future reference.