The Structure Plan is the highest ranking planning document that contains physical planning policies by the Government for the long term land use management in Sabah. Any policies and proposals covering environment, socio-economy and infrastructure are explained in macro and wholesome manner in the Structure Plan.

Section 4C, Town & Country Planning Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 141) provides that the Structure Plan shall be prepared by Town & Regional Planning Department of Sabah (TRPD). To date, TRPD has published two Structure Plans which are Structure Plan 2020 and Sabah Structure Plan 2033.



The population of Sabah is expected to increase from 3.9 million in year 2018 to 5.5 million by year 2033. The population increase will have huge impact on the land use management in the State. Among the questions that the Government need to address in the face of having to deal with population increase are:

  • Will there be enough land to support the additional population?
  • Will basic infrastructure needs such as supply of electricity, water, schools, hospitals and others be enough to fulfill the needs of the population in the future?
  • How to ensure that fragile environment in Sabah remain protected in the face of increased population?
  • How to ensure there will be enough jobs created in tandem with population growth?

Therefore, the Government must have a framework on land use planning policies to address the above questions to ensure the long-term socio-economic needs of Sabah can be fulfilled sustainably. Hence, the land use planning policy comes in the form of the Structure Plan.



In line with the provisions set out in Town & Country Planning Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 141), Sabah Structure Plan 2033 (SSP2033) has been declared as Government Gazette (Warta Kerajaan) in 2016 to interpret Government policies and proposals into land use plans, i.e. District Plans and Local Plans in each district of Sabah including the State’s territorial waters.

Following is the softcopy of the SSP2033 for reference:



  1. How the policies included in the Structure Plan (SP) are implemented?
  2. Policies and proposals contained in SP shall be interpreted further and incorporated into Planning schemes in each district of the State. Any development must be planned in accordance with the Planning schemes of respective district. Click here for more information on Planning schemes in Sabah.

  3. Can the policies and proposals in SP be changed?
  4. Depending on the recommendation put forward by Town & Regional Planning Department of Sabah before the State Planning Council, a mid-term review of SP is possible taking into consideration the latest supporting information such as statistical data or other Government policies which may have huge impact on the development of land use in Sabah.

  5. How can I get the latest copy of SP?
  6. Sabah Structure Plan 2033 is the latest Structure Plan that has been declared as Government Gazette. Please proceed to TRPD head office to get the hardcopy.