ICZM Sabah Events

A series of milestone events has taken place in the implementation of the ICZM Project in Sabah. These are mainly workshops and seminars during which progress of the various activities have been reported to a broad forum of coastal zone development stakeholders and during which structured discussions have provided essential directional feed back to the continuation of the project activities. These events have furthermore had important functions in disseminating information, in increasing awareness around ICZM and environmental management issues and in establishing and consolidating essential networks between government agencies, within the civil society and between government and non-government organisations and last but not the least between concerned individuals.

The project has operated at two levels, one being the state level the other being the district level more precisely the Sandakan district. The following three major workshops have been organised by the Sandakan ICZM Task Force:

The following two major workshops have been organised by the ICZM Task Force in Kota Kinabalu:

Other major events include:

The Town and Regional Planning Department is organising a Conference to present the ICZM Project in Sabah on June 21-23 1999.